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Annual Report 2014

When spinal cord injury happens (SCI), life changes forever. Suddenly, little things like eating, dressing, and even breathing can be a challenge. Independence diminishes each time help is needed to open a door or scale a set of stairs. Dreams for the future are shattered – replaced with overwhelming uncer­tainty.

At Spinal Cord Injury Alberta (formerly the Canadian Paraplegic Association Alberta), we believe in helping people with SCI rebuild their dreams. Every day, our staff and volunteers bring help and hope to individu­als and families facing a very difficult time in their lives. We meet them in hospital to hear their concerns and let them know we’re available to help. When they are ready, we work with them to set goals that will lead to greater independence and self-reliance. We link them with information and peer mentors who can help them achieve their goals. We open doors to education, employment and recreation opportunities and work in countless other ways to ensure that the communities where they live are accessible and accepting. We help them overcome their setbacks and we celebrate their successes!

For over 50 years, SCI Alberta has been helping thousands of Albertans with SCI. While we work very hard, it is ultimately our clients and their families who make their dreams reality.

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