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Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program, administered by SCI (Alberta) provides information and social networking opportunities to individuals at all stages of their journey following SCI


In Alberta, the SCI Initiative funds two full-time Peer Program Coordinators—one in Calgary and one in Edmonton.



Client Solutions Coordinators (CSCs)

CSCs, contracted through SCI (Alberta), are having a profound impact on the lives of Albertans with SCI. Prior to the SCI Initiative, SCI (Alberta) had a total of 12 FTE CSC positions (referred to internally as Client Services Coordinators). Today, they have a total of 16.4 FTE staff working as CSCs. Client Service Coordinators assist people with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities with supports they need throughout life to transition effectively from injury to community, to home, to employment, to aging with a disability.


Community Development Coordinators (CDCs)

CDCs, contracted through the SCI (Alberta), work at the community level to reduce physical and attitudinal barriers to the full participation of citizens with SCI and related disabilities. One CDC described his work this way:


“The CSCs prepare our clients for the community, and the CDCs prepare the community for the client.”