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Rick Hansen Registry

The Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Registry is active in 31 major Canadian acute care and rehabilitation hospitals across the country. It tracks the experiences and outcomes of people with traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCI) during their journey through acute care, rehabilitation and community reintegration. Details about participants' spinal cord injuries including extent of injury and level of paralysis, recovery, and success of various treatments are among the data recorded.

This data is stored in a central location, with individual privacy and security of information rigorously ensured. It can then be used by researchers and clinicians to better understand SCI and the effectiveness of specific treatments, practices or programs for improving functional outcomes and quality of life after SCI. As well, the Rick Hansen SCI Registry and its powerful data collection tools are being used as a platform to support important new multi-centre clinical trials for SCI.

In Alberta, the Rick Hansen SCI Registry (RHSCIR) sites are located at Royal Alexandra Hospital (acute), University of Alberta Hospital (acute), and Glenrose Rehabilitation Centre (rehab) in Edmonton and at Foothills Medical Centre (acute and rehab) in Calgary.

Rick Hansen Registry 


Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion (RHWIM)

RHWIM events bring communities together and touch the lives of thousands of Canadians with spinal cord injury (SCI) every year. In addition to the main event, many special events are put on in support of the program. These smaller volunteer-driven events, everything from car washes and wheel/walks to gala dinners, take place year-round, creating awareness of SCI, and raising much needed funds for people living with spinal cord injury.


Funds raised through Wheels In Motion support Quality of Life projects that improve the quality of life of people living with spinal cord injury. Funds raised benefit the people who live in the region in which the funds were raised. Quality of Life funds provide customized solutions in the areas of active living and peer support and leadership.


Quality of Life projects help to ensure that people with spinal cord injury receive the support they need to fully participate in their community and lead active and healthy lives. In doing so, these projects also contribute to making communities more accessible and inclusive.

The Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion program will be on hiatus in 2011 and 2012 due to the upcoming celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the Rick Hansen Man in Motion World Tour. 

Wheels in Motion


Rick Hansen Ambassador Program

The Rick Hansen Speakers Program trained and scheduled volunteers with SCI to speak at the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary events and other venues across Canada, sharing their stories of inspiration and courage. Formerly known as the Ambassador Program, the name was changed in late 2010. Rick Hansen Speakers share their stories with media, community and corporate groups to put a face on SCI and raise awareness about the potential of people with disabilities. Audiences learn about the courage it takes to move on after an injury and of some of the daily challenges faced by those in wheelchairs. Rick Hansen Speakers will also participate in the 25th Anniversary Relay. 

Rick Hansen Ambassador Program  


Rick Hansen School Program

The Rick Hansen School Program promotes social awareness and social responsibility through stories, lesson plans and activities inspired by Rick Hansen’s legendary Man in Motion World Tour.


The number of schools participating in the Program has seen huge growth from 74 Alberta schools participating at the end of the 08/09 academic year to 317 schools registered to participate in the program as of March 31, 2011.


The 2009/2010 academic year-end saw 1137 Alberta students recognized with Rick Hansen Awards for making a difference in the lives of others through being socially responsible.

Rick Hansen School Program