Spinal Cord Injury Alberta

Adaptive Vehicles

These videos feature various types of accessible transportation available to individuals with physical disabilities. There are many types of adapted vehicles on the market which assist individuals with physical disabilities at work, at home, at play, etc. 







Craig Blackmer


Watch Craig's video ( 6 MB-wmv )

Jo-Ann Dumont

Watch Jo-Ann's Video (18.9 MEG-wmv)

Kyle Gieni

Watch Kyle's Video (6.6 MEG-wmv)

Dwaine Shopac

Watch Dwaine's Video (7 MEG-wmv)

Ross Norton's Hot Rod

Watch Ross's video ( 40 MB-wmv )

Souheil Saab's Crew Cab Pickup

Watch Souheil's video ( 73 MB-wmv )


Matt Thola's Hemi Pickup

Watch this Video ( 26 MB-wmv )