Spinal Cord Injury Alberta

Family Dynamics

She's in a wheelchair! How can she have three kids? This was a question that was asked about one of our clients. Injured in a motor vehicle accident and seven months pregnant, Jody, mother of two, delivered a healthy baby girl. Children present their parents, especially those with a disability, different problems and challenges. Here are several individuals who were willing to share their family experiences with you.

Doug Manderville

Watch Doug's Video (9.0 MEG-wmv)

Violet Loewen

Watch Violet's Video (11.5 MEG-wmv)

Mark and Tina

Watch Mark and Tina's Video (9.6 MEG-wmv)

Lou and Vicky - mom and daughter

Watch Lou and Vicky's Video (6.9 MEG-wmv)

Janet Brown - Travis' Mom

Watch Jane'ts Video (12.9 MEG-wmv)

Martin Wilms and Family

Watch Martin's video ( 33 MB-wmv )


 Mike and Kylee - Starting a Family

Watch Mike and  Kylee's video ( 68 MB-wmv )


 Janie and Kelly Warawa - Surviving the Journey

 Watch Janie and Kelly's video ( 81 MB-wmv )


 Mike and Dianne - A Family Unites

 Watch Mike and Dianne's video ( 89 MB-wmv )