Spinal Cord Injury Alberta

Supportive Living Models for Young Adults: A Review and Proposed Best Practice Models

This document is a project of the Alberta Spinal Cord Injury Initiative, a collaborative effort by Albertans with spinal cord injury, service providers, researchers and decision makers committed to improving the lives of people affected by SCI and similar physical disabilities. We gratefully acknowledge the Government of Alberta who recognized the value of the vision for the Alberta SCI community.

The purpose of this research project is to identify best practices in current supportive living options for young adults with physical disabilities in Alberta and beyond. Supportive living is defined as accessible, affordable housing that has some form of care or support attached. The reflections of the Supportive Living Working Group on the findings culminated in a list of desired features which were then incorporated into three potential models of supportive living. Two pre-existing models of supportive living are also presented.

Also discussed are notable current and parallel initiatives with regard to supportive living for persons with physical disabilities.