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Direct Mail Campaign - Kiesha's Letter

 In SCI Alberta's 2016 Direct Mail Campaign, Kiesha talks about how her life was dramatically impacted after a horrific crash on a dark and foggy night in November 2013. Kiesha has worked hard and come a long way since then. 

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Dear Friend,

I grew up in a small town in Alberta. My Grade 12 year started off with a focus on increasing my independence. Like many of my friends, I couldn't wait to graduate and pursue further education, opportunites and financial independence.


On a dark and foggy night in November 2013 while driving home with a friend my dreams and aspirations changed forever! In a brief moment we caught sight of a moose moving into the centre of the road. Then…blackness followed by a bright light. My friend who had emergency response training was tending to my body…“I don’t want to die!” I told myself. I tried to cry out but my voice was barely a whisper. I vaguely remember being cold and the ambulance arriving. But after that – blackness again. Consciousness returned as drills were burrowing into my skull for halo traction. I was now in a trauma center after being airlifted from our regional hospital.


I had suffered a high level spinal cord injury! After two weeks I was finally stabilized and was shuffled from ICU to our regional hospital then moved to a rehabilitation hospital. After a grim prognosis and weeks of rehabilitation, I was moved to a long term care facility in my home town where it was thought I would stay because of the amount of support I needed for all aspects of my daily living. It was mid-February and as the only young resident, staff really wanted to help me to regain some independence. The local staff member at Spinal Cord Injury Alberta was contacted. She assisted myself and the hospital staff to locate informa􀆟on and brought much needed encouragement. The staff at the care center helped me research aggressive therapies to assist with physical, occupapatonal and recreational therapy. The hard work paid off and I started to experience small functional improvements and regain my health. I taught myself to use voice control for the computer, taught myself to write again, and was able to complete my grade 12 courses. At the end of June I managed what seemed impossible only months earlier – I attended graduation with my class and even went to the after grad party in my wheelchair!


With time I became restless with my life and the limitations in long term care. With the help of Spinal Cord Injury Alberta I was encouraged to set new goals, connect to sources of funding, access equipment to assist my independence, was exposed to adapted recreational opportunies, and connected with mentors with disabilies. We set a new goal of moving to the city where my journey to adjust adapt and thrive could continue.


Today I’m living in my own apartment with onsite care for mornings and evenings. I work two days per week, go to college two days per week, and am an invited speaker at many school and community events. I also make time to volunteer with Spinal Cord Injury Alberta.


I’m still on track to achieve my original goals but I’ve learned to do a lot of things differently. My journey would not have come so far, so quickly without the support of friends, family and especially Spinal Cord Injury Alberta.

The difference that Spinal Cord Injury Alberta made in my life is truly remarkable. I encourage you to donate generously so that they can continue to help others adjust, adapt, and thrive after spinal cord injury!






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